Emoji Tribal Mark Thumbnail Aggregator

Artificial intelligence as arts and culture in creative industry in the world.

Emoji tribal mark graphic art as craft made to replace old human program to more intelligent system, the use of thumbnail in pictures which are lines in tribal marks because of rat or cat whiskers and tracing of linage of python as Snake is Deepfake.

The use of Thumbnail in Videos and Pictures are easy access to ML machine language there many language to Thumbnail the following

Talon- Nail

Nail claw -can’t hook

Pincer -Toe nail

Thumbnail - Chela

This is lacerated wound on flesh or skin as tribal marks appendage insect foot.

Tribal mark chela as Thumbnail is used in pictures or video to help recognize and organizing of linage genes for images as normal text index does for words.

The pictures and images stored on savings device memory cards and drives which has tribal mark faces has distortion of noise on the data sets required model code people can be trained with resources to publish them as plan and original intent of tribal marks either as rat or cat whiskers including thumbnail with algorithms to track Deepfakes which is categorized as sets of wounds or scratch on human body that resembles tribal marks in our face or body.

The illustration of the work about Theodicy of the data with tribal marks on computer machine language, means how does a fugitive can be vindicated on the savings device in database to correct motive and intent the tribal mark was inscription on the person face.

Scraping of data may not be last resort to distortion and noise in transmission of tribal mark face on digital networks.

The new work on old text means are stated below:

Z missing in Yoruba alphabet as 2 based on argument reality

Where D in 0-25 as 4 in Igbo 1-36 or D’ in Hausa alphabets.

2 is a remainder of z in sign that it can split 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 as Data sets with Model code of odd or Even numbers in rolls where tribal mark faces exist in Dbase.

As long as the Data set continues to house the tribal mark images there is aggregator of insect thumbnail in the cloud which can be traced with the following Abig monument of Senworset I by Dr. Roland Enmarch.


The noise can be found in the incomplete Data sets which can be completed as Ipuwer inscription to have a meaningful word.

The model code the dots are full stops in Machine languages as where to start and end a roll of data set.

The training resources are use of vowels and consonants in other scripts Rosetta stone of papyrus script to read the text format. Publishing plan uses set of tribal mark emoji of Artificial intelligence of rat and cat to predict Deep fakes.

To write a machine language that can output tribal marks thumbnail on pictures Amonravid was able to fix the algorithms statements as the following:

Based on what the ancestors foretold with references of text generated from whiskers or rat and cat on our face facial outlook and python that does not have thumbnail meaning some images saved can’t be traced with thumbnail.

Training resources how to trap a rat by Human, cat or dog

Replace cat and dog with signs and symbols as human either the following!@#$%^&*()_+=-"}{[]?><,.:;

The language used while chasing rat are machine language

In Igbo langauge

Sie ebe a

mechie ebe a

ono ebe a

o gbagala ebe a

ogba bara ebe a

ogba jele ebe a

Kedu ka isi jide ya ?

This line statement can be used to compose a poem as Poetic computation

Note"(you can use Google Igbo to English translation tools to the meaning)

At the end is either you caught or you missed it;

That requires one or two of the special characters to represent your output !@#$%^&*()_+=-"}{[]?><,.:;

If the rat survive the chase there possibility it will be breathing fast where ever it may be just like the cat or dog including the human that means you will use

Barometer to check the pressure due to formation of ants which has thumbnail also on the data set published.

Funnel in which many data set has been published was planned intentionally or unintentionally but due to tribal mark faces as old inscription near the mouth as holes or burrow, where the rat dwells and lives that has up to 1-9 diversions inside (reference Quarry P Hatnub.

The knowledge base of the tribal mark inscription on machine languages continue as The cat can use sign from!@#$%^&*()_+=-"}{[]?><,.:; to note the hole it caught a prey.

The rat a rodent has a linage to recount its offspring to know the exact totally remaining as the raid (RAID DISK) use pf 0-9 in hundred, tens and unit.

Thanks for reading.

Nzewi Uchenna Osita
Owner & Curator
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