Battery For Your Electronics Gadget

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Note: I have a battery patent called Udutolori and Ishieaxu on development stage to store data after power outage for African electricity distribution.

Goje an instrument as guitar made with horse hair which lizard or snake skin are used to decorate.

In cryptography and code deciphering I was able to fix and assembly my battery in 2017/2019.

Using pattern recognition for animal cognition with Goje note the following;

1.Human hair needs hair relaxer, hair conditioner or shampoo to stretch and curl. Where the Goje string can coil like strands of wire used to make coil as human hair coil,snake reproductive pattern are like stranded wire which coil as sex position.

2.The wax used to make hair relaxer for horse hair in Goje to human as battery can be used to make battery solutions as dry cell battery while the 2 animals lizard and snake are good in water for wet cell battery unlike rat a rodent that has hairs skin don’t swim.

3.Solar panels in space satellites craft can use auto encoder to denoise Goje strings as lizard and snake are used to sunlight to warm their blood system.

  1. Our solar system is app advanced to record past movement of extra terrestrial life that was reason Goje was made.

The batteries stores charges meaning a little linear and non linear equation added to the substance used to make hair relaxer which we used to make battery acid can record or replay images stored on the universe.

5.Deep belief network: Goje Is for Africans mainly sub Saharan Africa meaning the western man already has a curl hair that is their battery coil is already working and in use reason women here wear wig made of European, American or Asian hair.

Through my algorithm they have genetics Evurien and Kimbigi in white and red blood cell which is original substance that makes hair to coil are inbuilt genetic refer (Prof.Robert Ajayi Boroffice on genetics).

  1. Battery made through Goje from animal cognition lizard don’t bite as the electricity is low can’t shock to death unlike snake that can bite to poison as some voltage shock can lead to severe burn.

  2. The hair can be cut or plate as sophisticated wiring is plating of hair by women which negative sign (-) as complex number in some machine learning.

The hair cut can regrow as battery life down can be recharged usually men in some deep learning varies in topography.

8.Due to Evurien and Kimbigi the carrier for electro flux of the curl as coil due to sound energy. The western hair cut can regrow to original pattern to jelly curl of negro black race which poses to lose curl quality after some days with the following number 512x24, 518x16,5*48x6.

This are fixed numbers from Natural programming language.

  1. Local action are associated with battery as dandruff or lice on hair reason battery are changed or considered bad as bald hair.

Some age with time as Gray hair.

  1. Whose ever is seeking for horse power from the people that made Goje through cutting of horse hair, should be aware lizard lives in cracked wall and green snake in green grass.

This is a new battery from electro static and electro mechanical using artificial intelligence by Nzewi Uchenna Osita.

Respectfully yours,

Nzewi Uchenna Owner & Curator

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