Artificial Intelligence with Art of Emoji

I subscribed to CAI content Authenticity Initiative, i read an article
publication field guide to Artificial intelligence was able to balance my own
contextual work to literal meaning of Artificial Intelligence on Wikipedia
as History of Artificial Intelligence began in antiquity with myth, stories,rumors
of artificial being endowed with intelligence conscious master craft.

I decided to share part of my work on Artificial intelligence investigated for some years
i developed a content African tribal mark emoji as part of Artificial intelligence that will
channel craft and intellectual rights in facial recognition from human skin
to paper material copied electronically to perform the same task people
use sharp razor blades or knives to inscribe tribal marks on their faces.

My research work permits me to quote Dr. Roland Enmarch University Of Liverpool work on Ipuwer
the original text of inscription as data, model training and publication
plan I used to develop my emoji and coloring book.

The myths listed on Wikipedia Artificial intelligence Sub saharan Africa was missing
i decided to improve my work about Sinuhe a fugitive as rat and cat was
to track down both has whiskers reason in African people draw native tribal mark tattoo
as rat whiskers to cat while rat is generator and cat is detector.

The fugitive lived a long year in exile and settled with hope to link the original lineage
as configuration of genome and DNA of his descendants which can be recorded as micro films.

The Artificial intelligence involving tribal marks in Africa show passes
people that helped the fugitive as lineage of the son of chief sculptors
the killer and maker of soul which is integrated circuit called micro processor and micro chips
that analyze data input to output facial recognition on lens law and mirror
principle involving water as a story of shipwreck spice and mine.

The lineage of the helpers uses claws instead of whiskers, a tribal mark of rat and cat,
the claws are part of python a reptile that has no foot or finger but
it creates a helping hand people offer to help it hook on something climb to a height.
The claws are used to analyze DEEPFAKE which is a snake that can be harmful.

Deepfake is a very important issue in tribal mark philosophy of picture and
data capturing as many people in Africa on picture contents have a distortion
of noise from many frequencies that can check interference of Laplace on facial outlook.

The algorithm I am working with to make computerization of facial tribal marks
either whiskers of rat, cat or electric fish including claws as python has no handle uses the following.

Dataset: 1-36,0-35 igbo Nigeria alphanumeric code
Model set: Yoruba Nigeria as oyo in Nnewi which has 1-25 while Z was scrap data to track records of
2 reason it is like Z as 0-24 are divisible to 12 in alphanumeric
The 2 in Yoruba which is D in 0-24 is 4 in in Igbo 18 alphanumeric as Nano tech
of Eke,Orie,Afor, Nkwor.25 alphabet in Yoruba can not make a factor in 1-25,reason we use 0-24
to be able to get List common factors and highest common factors in Deepfake.
0-24 in Yoruba tally with Swahili in Kenya, as Hausa is not consistent but for future use.

Training: Due to rosetta stone,Ipuwer,Demotic script and papyrus script the use of leaf of tree
to heal the claws tribal marks made inform of whiskers of animals was the reason i developed emoji
with tribal mark faces as the leaves of plant and tree are for saving device.

Publishing plan: Hausa as 1-26 alphanumeric uses D’ which is a computer program interface yet to be completed
by me as d’d’ called DD part of 4 in Nano tech is " a quotation mark used to open and close string commands.

The animal mentioned has changed name as Sekiv for female and kemo for male in all my works to avoid native interference of the subject from the original settings.

I anticipate doing more work on this principle which can guide Content Authenticity Initiative in Artificial Intelligence
to reduce distortion of line base transmission of data on facial tribal marks in Sub Saharan Africa.

Respectfully Yours,
Nzewi Uchenna
Owner & Curator
Afro Emotikon