Artificial Intelligence Tribal Mark Emoji Data Analytics

Tribal marks as artificial intelligence used to track linage can be traced to tunnel burrow of rats as rodents the claws of cat as thumbnail in media file for facial recognitions machine learning with algorithm.

Each burrow of a rat is like gold mine for diamond, brass and aluminum including crude oil and other precious stones used to make Semiconductors reference son of chief sculptors in Dr.Roland Enmarch Journal Publications University of Liverpool about inscriptions.

The Hat nub Quarry P as a virtual rodent dwelling place has many materials that can record pictures, graphics and images with change in time.

The storage facilities of images with tribal marks tracks records in precious stones according to its memory in mega pixel of each face ,to know exact carrier and non-carrier of the sign and symbols with thumbnail and the images that has no thumbnails.

All elements used to make savings device that are metal mode are in periodic table but subject to change reconfiguration for new algorithm and rearrangement of the composition of the compounds.

New work on the old text.

A certain materials if placed on the metal conductors can replay the images focused on them, including placing another images over it while playing as claws and thumbnail lacerated wounds that is video or picture editing.

The tribal marks as rat whiskers which can be as virtual reality to dig holes, in order locate many other non metallic stones in the burrow as human intelligence to own a mine.

Fixing the linage like video reel as motion pictures as the family tree of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th generation the images marked with thumbnail will be arranged as A-z(26)/2 =13 as 13-13 code where masculine and famine has to be recorded with the offspring that still maintains boy and girl(Kemo/Sekiv) respectively

We can use 18 igbo alphanumerical code as 1-36 or 0-35 where all the capital letters are as Adults ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ the small letter are children as abcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Every generation starts with aged people as grown up that Capital letters starts a word (Nigeria) all the small letters following it are the offspring.

which can be marked in the video reel or picture reel as Good we have G(START)ooD(End) end of the generation in full sentence it usually full stop as sign or symbols among

!@#$%^&*()_+=-}{][":’;?><<>/. Where the dot is anatomy of woman as clitoris that is a sex organ for climax.

On the motion picture while reel set rolling each pictures as carrier of word can be numbered as Goal is Bad is B2a1d4 which how many minutes or seconds a scene can display to change during the play the images with tribal marks can be represented with “Bad” or ‘B’ as thumbnail identification code number can be added to them.

Some of images can still have claws as thumbnail which Bold; or Bold, including number system for the machine learning and deep learning.

When the algorithm is properly fixed the statement can be HlkWllpJMB as combination of Capital and small letters representing the whole family if number is inserted within it can be age and time of a particular family linage.

Because the total family are not lined up according to elderly or younger ones the sign of equality will be included as < > in the set of reel holding the images and pictures.

Further signs can add to know an age not fixed as? Question mark which can be generated within the linage by adding or subtracting others age with time to mention it ±.

The small letters representing individuals as children with tribal marks or no thumbnail will grow as irreversible increase in size of cell to adult age meaning if (chart) in small letters when they attain the age for adult to be written in capital letters a certain sign or symbol will be placed to know when they started developing pubic hairs and hoax voice.

This algorithm are programmable for a started don’t try to copy extracts of Java or HMTL codes you can start with you language alphanumerical coding system.