Art of tribal marks a preventive measure of past pandemic like Covid 19

Artificial intelligence with use of tribal marks in medical diagnostic is an important topic for keeping medical records; it is used in disease control and spread of communicable and non-communicable disease in our environment.

We are going to create a virtual reality with argument that will be mixed reality on health care system VR/AR/MR/EX.

In sub Saharan Africa 2035 original population of people with tribal mark on faces will reduce while the image on data records will be fully processed and optimized to its original intent by 2070.

The tribal marks as whiskers in hieroglyphics arts needs a computer algorithm and machine learning with programming languages to analyze every records stored with thumbnail as claws in human body for accuracy in detecting the facial recognition system.

To trace genetic and DNA configuration as Abgig monuments of Senworset 1 Dr.Roland Enmarch University of Liverpool on the exact cause of deaths of people with tribal marks, like in excavate artificial intelligence, we are to fix data set, model code to know who is a drunk man on picture, it will help to identify, if it was pandemic like Covid-19 that killed people with tribal marks.

To work on Data set some communities (Nnewi)spare a rodent called bunny (Igbo Language Ewi) which also has whiskers a prey to cat with thumbnail as claws ,that can be used to detect media file in a format set as model code. Training resources on death of people with tribal marks are a set of 0-4 communities that kills bunny a rodent inversely to people that does not kill them.

Note: The activity of bunny can change to other subjects like crocodile, snail, tortoise or fish at a particular pond that has similar metaphor.

Line 1 Village xyz are infections that killed people tribal marks as ABC sickness

Name of the infection can be;(reference 13-13 code or 18 igbo alphanumeric ) village, town and community that consume a species of rat that are untouchable to their neighboring community.





The disease was generated from human to human transmission as people with tribal marks have pet genetics that can transmit infection from animal to human.

For publishing plan in some Igbo communities to kill python as abomination which as no claws as Thumbnail in the pictures to decode.

That is you will list 0-9 names as communities that kill pythons as the infections that killed people without thumbnail on the images.









To fix the algorithm we have to put a sign as cat because it has whiskers too like rat as tribal mark and thumbnail the death as diseases caused

by it to rat with signs !@#$%^&*()_±}{[]":’;?>/.which can be motor accident, train or airplane and ship wreck.

Name a natural death as old 1 phenomenon.


The argument if the sickness that killed people with tribal marks if it is curable , does it have vaccine or preventive measures to stop the pandemic like Covid19.

To create a vaccine or drugs for the infections or disease that killed them you have to administer extended reality through use of substance rat as human with whiskers tribal mark consume and be healthy rather than substance that is a treat to its existence.

The phenomenon includes pythons that have no claws as thumbnail how offer a medicine that will not terminate its existence and extinction.

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